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About KIBS Zürich

About KIBS Zürich

About KIBS Zürich

We pride ourselves here at KIBS to be able to offer families in the Zürich area an international and national education that places the child at the center of learning. The children are engaged in meaningful experiences that challenge and promote academic excellence. In order to offer a curriculum which meets the needs of our pupils, KIBS has developed our own tailored program which incorporates learning skills and objectives from international curriculums as well as the learning objectives of Canton Zürich. All subjects are taught through a cross- curricular medium, which creates a meaningful base on which to build a strong learning platform. Our curriculum promotes critical thinking and independent problem solving skills. We at KIBS encourage our pupils to develop a degree of independence and to take responsibility for themselves.
Today’s classrooms are filled with diverse learners who differ not only culturally and linguistically, but also in their educational background, cognitive abilities, emotional needs and learning styles.  In order to address these diversities and to ensure each child’s individual needs are met, without feeling frustrated or bored, our teachers use Differentiation in their lessons.

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