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Little Teddies (Early Years • Ages: 3-24 Months)

Oerlikon Campus

The early developmental years are fundamental to the future success of a child in school years and even later in life in the professional arena. Young children are particularly curious, inquisitive and willing to learn.

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Little Bees (Early Years • Ages: 18 Months – 3  Years)

 Oerlikon Campus

It is important to meet a child’s natural readiness to learn at this stage without overwhelming them. True learning produces joy and happiness. Through multi-sensory lessons and activities, we encourage the children to explore the world using all their senses.

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Little Stars (Pre-Kindergarten • Ages: 3-4  Years)

 Oerlikon Campus

To help make the transition from Day Care to Kindergarten, our Little Stars teachers support children across many early childhood developmental milestones.  Learning takes many forms: through storytelling, singing, counting, movement and art.

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Little Einsteins (Kindergarten • Ages: 4-6  Years)

 Oerlikon & Seebach Campus

Our Kindergarten curriculum is taught in a truly bilingual setting, immersing children in an equal balance of English and German language.  The curriculum establishes different learning goals that are adapted to the individual needs of our pupils.

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Primary Years (Years 1-6 • Ages: 6-12  Years)

 Seebach Campus

Small class sizes allows our teachers to focus on the needs of individual children and tailor the lessons to address each child’s level of learning.

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